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free shipping this Week On order over $40
Universal Cradle Car Phone Clip
Universal Cradle Car Phone Clip
Universal Cradle Car Phone Clip
Universal Cradle Car Phone Clip
Universal Cradle Car Phone Clip
Universal Cradle Car Phone Clip
Universal Cradle Car Phone Clip
Universal Cradle Car Phone Clip

Universal Cradle Car Phone Clip

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The most convenient phone holder for driving safe!

Universal Cradle Car Phone Clip holds smartphones right above the dashboard by a simple clip. It ensures clear front driving view without obscuring any viewpoint for 100% safe driving.

Enjoy driving, using GPS, picking up calls and listening to music without looking away from front viewpoints. You can also adjust angle, placing it either landscape or portrait with anti-slip feature for the perfect and stable viewing position.


  • Excellent View Position and Safe Driving
    Clips to the dashboard and works as well as the HUD system to keep your eyes in line with the road without obscuring driving view.
  • Adjustable Viewing Angle
    Clip the car smartphones holder on the dashboard and adjust the angle up to 120 degree.
  • Stable and Non-slip
    Double curved base design, protective non-slip silicone with alligator tooth design allows phones being tightly attached to the clip.
  • Anti-scratch Protection
    No scratching to your phone and dashboard due to premium soft, non-slip silicone inserted clip pad.
  • Large Flexible Clip
    Compatible with all smartphones even with thick cases.
  • Quick and Easy installation
    Simply clip on the dashboard edge and place your phone within a few seconds. No extra tools required.
  • Universal Size
    The clip fits for all mobile phones such as Samsung, iPhone, etc. and other GPS devices, etc.and other GPS devices with 3.5"-6.5". For the clipping depth, it fits all dashboard with extended depth more than 2.75 inch.
  • Durable, Heat-resistant Material
    Heat-resistant from -20°C to 90°C not easy to deform

How To Use?

  1. Clip it to the edge of dashboard.
  2. Lift the upper clip then fasten the phone.
  3. Adjust the angle as you wish.
Package Included: 1x Universal Cradle Car Phone Clip

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      Customer Reviews

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      Great for Keeping Your Eye on the Road

      Well, kinda. Instead of shifting your eyes to right/left, lower right, etc., you can look forward; so that maybe the road in front of you is in your peripheral vision.This is great for those who use an iPhone 7 Plus or smaller, for car data (speedometer), GPS, dashcam app, or ridesharing driver's app.

      Tight clamp on dash and phone

      This clamp is great. My dash is really curved and after a month its holding well without slipping at all. Puts your phone in a good line of sight without obstructing view. Clamp holds phone very securely. Doesn't feel like it's going anywhere any time soon.


      Been looking for a nice phone holder for my car. This works good puts the phone right in front where you can see it without looking away from the road. Built sturdy and doesn't seem cheap at all. Holds the phone nice and tight. Easy to insert and remove the phone. I have an iPhone 8plus in a case and fits perfect.


      Have been looking for something that would hold my phone when I'm navigating in unfamiliar areas. I tried them all. I tried the CD holder (blocks my screens). Tried the vent holder (my phone was way too heavy and it was too wobbly) and I tried the stand that attaches to the lighter (couldn't see the screen properly). This is the PERFECT solution. I can stick it over the dash behind the wheel or the hump in the center part of my car. Easy to use, easy to install. No sticker mess and no suction cups. it stays put even on bumps. I would highly recommend this product.

      Great product

      Great product. It clips on easy and puts the phone in front of me while I drive. This makes navigating easier