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Pimple Patch
Pimple Patch
Pimple Patch
Pimple Patch
Pimple Patch
Pimple Patch

Pimple Patch

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Here's the MASTER solution for all your major ACNE problems! 

These Pimple Patches will get rid of annoying acne and blemishes like they were never even there! These skin tone patches that come in different sizes that help treat acne and pimples, and also prevent them from getting further irritated from pollutants or makeup. No need to fear applying makeup on affected areas of your face! It's basically a dressing to cover up your acne marks while in the process of healing.


  • With ultra-fine ventilation, it allows your skin to breathe without being in contact with further skin irritants like dirt, pollutants and makeup
  • This helps keep your skin moisturized for faster healing of wounds
  • It also helps speed up acne treatment as it absorbs exudates from acne 
  • It comes in skin-toned patches to conceal and protect your acne from being infected discreetly. You can use it to apply makeup - it will keep your brushes from being in contact with the affected area to prevent irritation and further breakouts
  • You may also use it to cover up blemishes and dark spots on your skin. 


  1. Wash and dry the affected area thoroughly
  2. Pick a patch size that is slightly bigger than the spot to cover it completely
  3. Stick the patch onto the area before applying other skin treatment creams 
  4. Leave it overnight to absorb and pull out acne pus 
  5. Once the patch turns white, peel it off gently and replace with a new one as needed

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      Customer Reviews

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      Five Stars

      This is a great product works very well at a great price, will purchase again Thanks

      The adhesive is very good, I've worn these all day without a problem

      These work decently.The instructions say that it will turn white once the oil has been absorbed, but I've had instances where it didn't turn white at all.The adhesive is very good, I've worn these all day without a problem.My only con is I wish that the product and directions actually matched up.

      Five Stars

      These work like a charm! I love that they come in different sizes too!


      As I am getting older, I have started to get horrible hormonal acne on both sides of my face. It has gotten so bad I cant even cover it up with makeup. I used these patches as a hope and they made all the bumps flat and reduce redness, they are going away!! I loved this so much, I bought three more packs. Definitely recommend!

      Solid product.

      These do what they say. Finally caught on that i would save some dough but cutting up a larger hydrocolloid sheet up myself, but this is still pretty convenient.