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Magical Keratin Hair Treatment Mask
Magical Keratin Hair Treatment Mask
Magical Keratin Hair Treatment Mask
Magical Keratin Hair Treatment Mask
Magical Keratin Hair Treatment Mask
Magical Keratin Hair Treatment Mask
Magical Keratin Hair Treatment Mask

Magical Keratin Hair Treatment Mask

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5 seconds to make your hair GORGEOUS and healthy-looking, again!

Magical Keratin Hair Treatment Mask works in as little as 5 seconds to penetrates deeply to reconstruct and rebuild stressed, damaged hair for improved health, shine and elasticity with no weigh down. Leaves hair silky, conditioned and full of movement and bounce.

Specially formulated with Advance Molecular Technology Treatment to deeply penetrate deep down into the roots to target and strengthen hair follicles. Creates a deeply nourishing treatment that moisturizes and strengthens hair as it restores shine and a healthy appearance. Consistent use will prevent future damage from environmental stresses and other external abuses.


  • Reconstructs and rebuilds hair
  • Restores and repair hair breakage 
  • Provides deep hydration and moisture
  • Improves health, shine, and elasticity
  • Helps to eliminate frizz and fly-aways
  • Prevents and controls split ends 
  • Prevents future damage from environmental stressors and chemical 
  • Safe for everyday use. 

Solutions for:

  • Dry and Dull Hair
  • Damage Hair
  • Bleached Hair
  • Color-treated Hair

Which hair type is it good for?

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Coiled
  • Tightly Coiled 

How to Use?

  1. After washing your hair, put a small amount onto your palm and massage it into your hair to boost nutrition adsorbent.
  2. Rinse it off completely
  3. Immediately notice softer and smoother hair! You may also use it as a leave-on conditioner.

    No need to go to the salon for a hair fix! This mask requires only 5 seconds home treatment - Just massage it on and wash!


    Ingredients: Botanical Extracts, Argan Oil

    Net Content: 60ml

    Estimated delivery time 7-14 days

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews

    I’ve been bleaching my hair for about 2 years now, so it’s incredibly damaged. One night before dyeing my hair again I use this hair mask on and then rinsed, and my hair has NEVER been softer or healthier. So amazing and not bad price wise for a super amazing and effective hair care product. Good as a deep conditioner, amazing as a mask!


    I have fine hair that I've colored and highlighted for years. I also heat-style my hair every day (trying to go every other day, but there's only so much dry shampoo can do with thin hair). I noticed the ends of my hair felt dry and brittle recently, so I decided to find some kind of deep conditioning treatment. This sounded like it would fit the bill, so I ordered it. I left it on while I shaved my legs, then rinsed it out. I then styled my hair as usual. The result: my hair is shiny, full of volume, the ends feel smooth and hydrated, and it does not look limp and weighed down as I had feared! I think this is a product that will become a staple in my routine, and I can see myself using it 2-3 times a week, especially during the dry winter months (or during the summer after too much sun exposure). It's great stuff, and I'd recommend it for all hair types.


    i have kinky, low porosity hair that gets weighed down easily by deep conditioners and other products that are too heavy. i used this one directly after a relaxer touch-up and it made my hair feel so soft and i didn't get the typical breakage i do after relaxing- would definitely recommend to anyone who has damage from chemical processing.


    I only write reviews when the product is crazy good so this is one of few that I've written. Not only does this mask smell divine, it really really works. I've tried masks from briogeo, amika, moroccan oil, verb, keratase, etc. They're all decent at varying degrees, but this is so much better that they don't compare! You only need a little bit compared to other masks, I'm surprised its only $14! I've barely made a dent into the product after using it for a couple months and my hair is so much softer. It's not just softening in the shower but also the days after. I have no idea what I will do if they every discontinue this.


    This is it. I have normal-dry hair (a little bit of coloring/dryness with partial highlights every few months). I use this once a week or so and leave it on for about 20 minutes and my hair is noticeably softer and shinier afterwards. Also smells great and excellent price point! If you're considering purchasing this, do it!