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Laundry Wash Ball Gel
Laundry Wash Ball Gel
Laundry Wash Ball Gel
Laundry Wash Ball Gel
Laundry Wash Ball Gel

Laundry Wash Ball Gel

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Now you can wash bucket of clothes with just one laundry ball gel!

 Are you facing laundry problem like cannot control the volume of liquid laundry detergent or the clothes have bad smell? Here is a new arrival laundry product that can help you, laundry wash ball gel.

It has superior cleaning power to remove stubborn stains. It is enzymes formulated that safe for you and your family to use. One pcs can wash bucket of clothes or dolls and your clothes can long lasting fragrance for one week.


  • Ecologically active enzymes formulated to penetrate the fabric fibers and clean the stains.
  • Protect the primary color of the clothes, make the clothes lasting and radiant, and feel soft.
  • This laundry sheet is a phosphorus-free formula with no added aluminum. 
  • Deep clean, no residue and environmental protection.


  • Type: 5 Pcs / 10 Pcs(save $6)
  • Weight: 8 g

Package Inclusions:


  • 5 pcs(Random colors)  - 5 Pcs x Laundry Wash Ball Gel
  • 10 pcs(Random colors)  - 10 Pcs x Laundry Wash Ball Gel


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