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Laser Distance Meter
Laser Distance Meter
Laser Distance Meter
Laser Distance Meter
Laser Distance Meter
Laser Distance Meter
Laser Distance Meter

Laser Distance Meter

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Small doesn't mean modest in a laser measure with functions that include area, distance, length, volume, continuous measurement, and addition/subtraction. Simply press the measure button to activate the laser and begin measuring in real time. Backlighting allows user to see information in dark areas with better resolution. Handy pocket-size design makes unit easy to use anywhere. The Laser Distance Meter measures to 130feet.

Use method
1. Place the rangefinder over the wall, or place it on the floor, or simply hold it on your hand.
2. Press the distance button to turn on the laser.
3. Point the laser at the target, press the distance button again, and read the measured reading directly from the screen.
4. When measuring the area, press the area button and then measure the length and width. The Laser Distance Meter will automatically calculate the area.
5. While measuring the volume, press the Volume button and measure the length, width, and height.
To add or subtract the distance, first measure a distance, and then press the plus or minus sign to add or subtract the next distance. Use this function to measure the perimeter, non-linear distance (add multiple short distances), and measure directly (measure the entire segment and subtract a small segment to get the remaining distance)

Widely used in a high degree of measurement, area measurement, volume measurement, hook shares measurement; 20 sets of data storage.

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Customer Reviews

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V, Good

It does the job.

Does It's Job

This was as described and works great, I recommend it but make sure you get the one according how far you want to measure, 40 feet was enough for me.

it works for what I need

I didn't want to spend a lot -- it works well for what I needSeems fine.

I like it a lot

Have 80m unit. So far, I like it a lot. Just out of the box and verified to be as accurate as they say it is. Nice, compact and easy to use measuring device (therefore, takes a little practice at holding it steady). Also takes a little thinking/practice to learn how to use it for any Pythagorian measuring needs but the instruction booklet is adequate enough to get you there. Red laser dot is somewhat brighter than others have reported so no issues there. Have not yet tested it outside the house/garage in sunlight conditions but seems to work well inside, even in bright light conditions.

Works great, great value, but do not rely on the built in level

Basic functionality is great. Do not however rely on the build in bubble level. It is too small to be accurate.Use a seperate level to make sure you are getting a nice straight line if you need very precise measurements. I used this method to measure the length of cuts needed for crown moulding and it worked great!If you do not have to be precise, butting the end of the unit against the wall or object will suffice. This method is good enough for most applications.