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Instant Fix Nail Fiber Gel
Instant Fix Nail Fiber Gel
Instant Fix Nail Fiber Gel

Instant Fix Nail Fiber Gel

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Never let an occasion be spoiled again by a broken nail!

There are much worse things in life than breaking a nail, but a bad split can be painful and harbour bacteria, eventually contribute to further nail infections...

Fortunately, there's a pretty simple, cheap and easy way to repair your nail. Instant Fix Nail Fiber Gel instantly repair any nail crack while providing clear protective layer on those nail cracks, boosting nail recovery speed and preventing injuries or bacteria infections. 


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  • Repair Broken Nails: Instantly fill in and fix nail cracks flawlessly
  • Strengthen Nails: Create a clear protective layer on nail cracks which helps boost nail recovery speed and prevent injuries/ bacteria infections
  • Easy to Apply: Fool-proof application with no professional skill or tool like nail wrap required
  • Long Lasting Repair: Can last for >45 Days with proper care
  • Harmless to natural nails: Made of environmentally friendly resin, which is harmless to human body and nail bed
  • Natural Nail Protection: Act as a protective layer to prevent the ultraviolet light (UV Light) directly penetrates into your natural nails
  • Wide Usage: Suitable for natural nails, UV gel nails, acrylic nails, etc

    How To Use?

    1. Apply the gel evenly to the nail surface where is broken and cure it.
    2. (Optional) Shape nails and buff nail surface for smooth finish.
    3. (Optional) Apply top coat.


     Can I apply nail polish after repairing?
    Yes sure! Feel free to apply nail polish, soak off gel polish and even 3D nail decoration after repairing your nails. Just make sure the gel is completely dried and fully cover the cracks. 
     Repair Gel V.S. Silk Nail wraps?
    Nail wraps needs to trim to fit your crack size. Also they can only apply on healthy nail beds and enamel to ensure a smooth application process. But our repair gel can apply without complex process. Also it can flexibly fill in nail cracks of any size - apply 1 layer for tiny cracks, and apply more for larger cracks.


    • Net Content: 28g
    • Gel Color: Clear

    Package Included:

    1. 1 x Instant Fix Nail Fiber Gel
    2. 1 set of 100 pcs Pretty Bare False Nails (FREE)

      Estimated delivery time 7-14 days

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 38 reviews

      I tend to always break my nail horizontally across exposing the flesh and causing bleeding. If it's happened you know it hurts and you want to at all costs keep the crack from catching on something and completely ripping off. I try to let it grow out so I can cut the rest off but it always ripped before it could grow. I've done bandaids over it and I've tried the teabag/tissue paper and polish I've even used wound closure strips and polish (strongest option) ultimately all never hold strong enough to keep the crack sealed down. This is great. I did one coat of it and it lasts even I lifted some heavy stuff.Quick and easy


      SOOO EASY! Fast quick fix to a major bummer. I am immediately pleased with these results, this was a dream come true


      As you can see my nails were literally SNAPPING and honestly its been happening a lot lately due to the hands-on aspect of my job. But it solved my problem! It was easy to use and it fixed it. I've tried other things to fix the split, but nothing worked. Very strong. Looks great. Great price.


      I absolutely LOVE this product. I’m currently growing my nails out and have had the occasional split in my nail. Instead of cutting it off (phew) I just use this product and it seals it up like new! 10/10 would recommend. I attached a photo after I fixed and polished my nail to show you can’t tell it even broke!


      This is my first time trying this. My first notice is, it’s way more convenient to apply than silk wraps, second, it looks really natural. The side of my thumb nail started ripping before it even grew out. I ordered this in a hurry knowing I would’ve had to cut it if I didn’t act fast. By the time I got it, it ripped even more and the nail was JUST BARELY growing out. And this worked and repaired my nails! I applied ~2 layers to strengthen the broken part. Nice!