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Herbal Dust Mite Eliminator
Herbal Dust Mite Eliminator
Herbal Dust Mite Eliminator
Herbal Dust Mite Eliminator

Herbal Dust Mite Eliminator

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If you have Allergies or Asthma, a tiny Dust Mites living in your home could be making BIG PROBLEM for you. 

Billed as “the world’s first dust mite detection, capture, and removal system, Herbal Dust Mite Eliminator claims to be an eco-friendly way to simply and safely remove dust mites for up to 60  days.

  • Ideal as part of a program to reduce dust mites and their allergens
  • Safe for use on your mattresses, pillows, curtains, carpets
  • No harsh chemicals


  •  All you need to do is remove a pad from its Packaging
  • Place it between your mattress and Box Spring or under furniture, pet beds, and more.
  • After 60 days, simply dispose of the old one and replace it with another one.

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Customer Reviews

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I don't want to ever be without this!

This is my third time purchase and it is very effective and safe. I was doubtful of what to use since i have a cat and I was afraid of any toxic product then I saw this . I put it in my closets, bed, mattress,box springs and even the sheets and pillow cases. My kitty doesn't even seem to notice the smell. I am going to keep purchasing it to use on a regular basis even though, knock on wood, I haven't saw any bugs lately but why take a chance. This is my "keep on hand" product and i am even considering ordering the large amount so i won't be without it


Kills fast

It Works!

Works well.

I have gather it not seen anything so I gather it worked.



I used it on dust mites and saw them still moving around after drowning them with the product. However, it seemed to work for bed bugs or whatever that has been causing me to wake up scratching everyday.It has a smell. Though the smell is not too bad, it is uncomfortable to stay in the room after spraying the area. I had to open windows and turn on the fan for almost two hours to be able to stay in the room afterward.