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Ultimate Hamburger Press
Ultimate Hamburger Press
Ultimate Hamburger Press
Ultimate Hamburger Press
Ultimate Hamburger Press
Ultimate Hamburger Press

Ultimate Hamburger Press

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Take Your BBQ Afternoons to the Next Level!

With the Ultimate Hamburger Press,you can create the perfect stuffed hamburger. Start with your favorite ground meat whether beef, turkey, chicken or pork and then add your favorite ingredients to make the perfect stuffed burger.
Which made burger keeps all of the tasty goodness sealed inside.The even thickness ensures that your stuffed burger is cooked to perfection! Be the envy of your neighbors and fellow tailgaters at the next event! 
  • The Professional difference –  We bring you the durable, high quality, commercial grade burger press that makes perfect round burgers like a machine!
  • Premium Materials - Made of heavy duty durable BPA-free nonstick plastic material so you can make burger patties instead of a mess.
  • A Jack Of All Trades – Our burger press is the perfect companion for your home kitchen. Make patties or stuffed burgers with ease. Cook them indoor in a pan or outdoor on your grill!
  • Supreme Clean - No matter how many delicious stuffed burgers you make with your burger press, clean up is made easy with our dishwasher safe press.

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Customer Reviews

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What makes this better than the rest

What makes this better than the rest, price, slider option, and most importantly the bottom comes out so your formed patty keeps it shape. Buy a box of wax sheets and invite the neighbors.

Love that the bottom pushes out

I can't believe I lived without one of these for so long! I put seasoning on the bottom of the press and then place the meat in. Not need to season them on the grill anymore. This saves time, makes consistent burgers, so cooking time isn't a guessing game anymore, and makes for a neat presentation! Love that the bottom pushes out, so we don't have to pry the meat out after it's pressed. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Now that I have this press, I wouldn't make a burger without it

This is a great patty press because of the versatility. You can make standard burger 4" in diameter. The thickness of the burger is determined by the amount of ground meat you put into it, i.e.1/4 lb. of meat will make a thinner burger than 1/2 lb. of meat. You can also make uniform sliders that are about 2.5". I made stuffed burger on my first try with this press, and they came out great, but there are a couple of changes I would make next time. I divided 1 lb. of ground bison with egg, a little bread crumbs, and Worcestershire sauce, into 3 equal portions and used about 1/4 cup of each to make the cover for each burger. These were put into the press to make thin patties. then I pressed the remaining portion of each section and used the indentation tool to make a well in each one. After I made the well, I put in diced onions, sliced mushrooms, crumbled blue cheese, and shredded cheddar cheese. Then I put on the tops previously made, and smoothed and sealed them with the press. They looked perfect.The only problem that I had was that I didn't make the cover portion of the meat thick enough. When I turned the burgers the tops on two of the burgers broke open. Even though the bottom of the form pushes up to release the burger, I very much recommend the use of patty papers to reduce sticking of the burger to the form.This is one of those kitchen tools that you didn't know you needed, but cant' do without it once you have it. Previous to getting this press, I always hand formed my burgers. I always had the problem of them falling apart when I turned them. When you use this burger press, you don't have that problem. The burger are always the perfect shape and equal thickness for the entire burger.

Vegan burger heaven

I?€?ve already made so many vegan burgers with this! Perfect!

Easy to use

Three tools in one. Easy to use. Don't know why I didn't get one of these before. Burgers all one size in seconds. They cook better because they are a uniform size. Bought the wax papers and made several burgers to freeze. No more wasted hamburger. Nice that you can make a smaller size for sliders.