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Goji Eye Cream
Goji Eye Cream

Goji Eye Cream

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My eyes love it

I haven't been using this product for long, and later will come back and comment on its anti-aging properties. But for now, I gotta say I LOVE this cream. I just started using it in conjunction with the Himalaya Undereye Cream. I use the Himalaya and the Home Health Goji Berry in the morning before I apply make-up, and I love the combo. I use the Home Health alone at night. It applies so easily and is quickly absorbed. The scent is pleasant and not over-bearing at all. It's like a drink of water for the skin around my eyes. I usually suffer from dryness on my eyelids, but I haven't had any issues with that since I started using the Goji Berry cream. I will definitely be buying more of this when I run out. My eyes have already thanked me!I'll update my review at a later time to comment on the anti-aging effects!

I really noticed the difference.

It is my second order of this product. Actually I am out of it for over 10 days now and I really noticed how my skin is dry and how my light wrinkles are more visible. I can't wait to receive my cream. This product gives the feeling of lifting and tighten your under eye skin.And it is natural, free of paraben and fragrance. I really love it!!

Takes away fine lines, smooths dry skin

My wife has been using it and also gave to our daughter in her forties. Takes away fine lines, smooths dry skin, has no ill effects. As efficient as very costly products.

Great to lighten under eye, major bang for the buck here!

Great to lighten under eye, major bang for the buck here!

Five Stars

Love it!!!! Finally no dark circle and smooth lines