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Foot Care Silicone Gel Insoles
Foot Care Silicone Gel Insoles
Foot Care Silicone Gel Insoles
Foot Care Silicone Gel Insoles
Foot Care Silicone Gel Insoles
Foot Care Silicone Gel Insoles
Foot Care Silicone Gel Insoles

Foot Care Silicone Gel Insoles

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Foot Care Silicone Gel Insoles comes with Biomechanically engineered with unique features that can relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, diabetes, arthritis, tendonitis and other foot, leg, knee and back painIt absorbs shock and supports the whole foot, not just the heel.Your plantar fasciitis will disappear and your feet will feel like you have been walking on clouds-even after an 8 hour work day!


  • Suitable for all sport shoes. Comfortable, soft and shock absorption
  • Comes with stability cradle that provides advanced arch support and deep heel cupping
  • Comes with low-friction antimicrobial top cloth that helps prevent blisters and control odor
  • Metatarsal arch support offloads pressure from the ball of the foot to help relieve forefoot pain
  • Can be cut into desired size to fit your shoes most
  • Comes in different sizes that fit both women and men
Package included: 1 pair of Foot Care Silicone Gel Insoles
Men size(250~280):  Suitable for  EU 40-44    US 7.5-11   UK 7-10.5
Women size(225~250):  Suitable for  EU 35-40   US 5-7.5   UK 4.5-7

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Customer Reviews

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Excelente producto muy recomendable


Feel great for my husbands flat foot needs. Says it?€?s the perfect amount of support without being too invasive on the foot. He tried a bunch but a lot of them he said were uncomfortable and he could feel them pushing up too much on the bottom of his foot. These seem to be a perfect balance for him.

Size Problems

This is a hard one to review. I bought two of these insole sets. The first one (men's large) fits perfectly, and is the best insole I have ever purchased, and I have purchased several from other suppliers. They was so good, that I ordered a second set, but when I received the second set (also men's large), it was a good 1/2 to 3/4 inch shorter. I wore it for several days in another pair of shoes with not such good results. Finally I took the second pair out and compared them to the first pair and realized they were much shorter. Anyway, I would love to order another 2 or more sets, but I'm just not sure what size I would get.


Great insoles. I have stupid feet and I overpronate terribly. I have to use insoles like these in all my running shoes and in some of my everyday shoes, too. They provide great support, straighten out my overpronation, and also provide cushion for my sesamoid, which I strained in the past and still flare up sharply from time to time.


This is my first time ordering from this website, but the quality made me a believer, so I decided to post my review! These inserts are the best especially for the price. I have run 2 full marathons and many half marathons in these?€? they last longer than the shoes! I have high arches and over pronate in my forefoot so these inserts help control some of that. I am a physical therapist and have also recommended them to a few patients as an inexpensive alternative to orthotics and have had some great feed back! I have tried super feet too but have had better relief with these!