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Ceramic Car Coating
Ceramic Car Coating
Ceramic Car Coating

Ceramic Car Coating

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Scratch-Proof Your Car From Mud, Rust, & Scratches!

With this Ceramic Car Coating's protection, you will have you car shining just like it came from the showroom! 

The 9H Nano Formula acts as a protecti layer on your paint-work; keeping your prized car safe from - Mud, Rain, Dirt, UV Rays, Burn Spots, Snow, & Ice buildup! 
Just a thin coat of the mixture is enough to perform as a shield on the car AND give it that fresh waxed look! Creates a beautiful ceramic look on the paint job and gives it a sharp reflective finish.
  • Adds a protective layer to paint job against mud, rust, scratches, and ice
  • Creates a beautiful, reflective ceramic finish
  • Hydrophobic finish - watch as rain and water simply bead up & slide right off!
  • Easy to apply: put some of the ceramic mixture on the included sponge (or a dry micro-fiber towel) & wipe onto the surface of the vehicle. Let it dry & its ready!
  • Universal & colorless -  works with any color & finish on the car
  • 100% Non-Toxic
  • Heat Resistance: Up to 760 degree
  • Durability: 3-5 years
  •  Anti-corrosion: PH tolerance: PH2-12

    Packing included:

    • 1 x car liquid ceramic coat

    • 1 x Sponge

    • 1 x Dust-free Clot rag

    • 1 x user manual

      Estimated delivery time 7-14 days

      Customer Reviews

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      Excellent First Impressions

      Just applied to my 12 year old Subaru and I am very pleased. I didn?€?t a lot of work to prep the car, but the shine from the ceramic coating looks great.

      Best Coating for the money!

      Best Nano Ceramic coating I have tried. Goes on easy, and buffs off easy. Can't comment on the longevity yet, but so far, it has been on for 3 months and still is extremely hydrophobic! Great price for a great coating!

      Great kit for the price

      The kit was pretty straightforward as far as application. I decided on splitting the time that you leave the ceramic coating on before you go over it with the wet towel to 3 minutes. I found it to work out very nicely, it left a super shinny clear gloss layer on my Accord.

      Five Stars


      Decontaminated the car using a tar & iron remover Washed the car again Clay bar Color correct...

      Some of these reviews had me anxious to apply this to my car, but honestly it was probably the easiest part of the entire process!I washed the car regularly then completely dried it using soap with no wax.Decontaminated the car using a tar & iron removerWashed the car againClay barColor correction with scratch remover/polish (this part was the worst)Then I let the car sit in my garage to cool down for a few hours before applying the coating. I probably used way too much of it for such a small car (half a bottle on a Miata RF), but man does it look amazing.The instructions DO DIFFER from other ceramic coatings where you wipe with a damp microfiber cloth after the product has a chance to start drying, so maybe that's where others get hung up? Just follow the instructions and this is a piece of cake.