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free shipping this Week On order over $40
Anti-Snow Windshield Cover
Anti-Snow Windshield Cover
Anti-Snow Windshield Cover
Anti-Snow Windshield Cover
Anti-Snow Windshield Cover
Anti-Snow Windshield Cover
Anti-Snow Windshield Cover

Anti-Snow Windshield Cover

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As a car owner, for sure you’ve hated the winter season especially when snow gets your windshields frozen. Scraping off snow or waiting for it to defrost takes so much time. This doesn’t only affect you personally but also your endeavors and activities throughout that day.

Say goodbye to frozen windshields forever with the help of Anti-Snow Windshield Cover. It is made extra thick and durable to withstand even the heavy snow. With its waterproof design, it keeps your windshield clean and dry every single time.

Wind-proof and impermeable design well prevents the windshield of your car from ice, frost, snow in winter, and protects your car windshield from strong sunlight in summer as well. Aside from that, it also protects your windshields from dust, scratches and other damages.


  • Waterproof and wear-resistant for long term use
  • Protects windshields from UV rays
  • Reduces direct sunlight caused aging interior
  • Silver side facing out to protect from heat in summer
  • Black side facing out for frost and ice in winter
  • Fits most cars and SUVs
  • Comes with 2 suction cups
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy installation in just seconds
  • Folds easily for compact storage

Always feel at ease knowing the Anti-Snow Windshield Cover has got your windshields covered.


  • Size(L x W): approx.200 x 70cm / 81.10" x 27.56"

Estimated delivery time 7-14 days

Customer Reviews

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As a mom who is tired of scraping my car I bought this just before our first snow in Colorado and I love it! I have a 2013 Subaru Outback and it fits perfectly. I like that it has a soft fabric lining to lay against the glass and paint, I?€?m not worried about scratches or ice. Thank you for saving me time in the morning!

Five Stars

I do not need to scrap an ice early in the morning in cold weather, no frozen wipers, and do not need turn on my car to defrost frozen window. I just take this off in a second, off we go.

Magnets are useless

The cover is a great fit for my front panel. It's also pretty durable and simply tucks the side security flaps into the doors.


I live in Minnesota and waking up to frosted windshields with -20 degrees is not fun at all. I had bought another snow cover before but it was made out of thin polyester which tears off during a winter snow storm. This windshield cover however, is made of high quality material and it fits my BMW 3 Series nicely. I'm sure this windshield cover will serve my purpose for a long time.

Five Stars

This is made from well-made materials, not cheap at all. I recommend this product to anyone who wants full protection from the snow and ice.